Municipal & Industrial Stormwater

This program regulates stormwater discharges to surface and ground water by issuing NJPDES permits to industries involved in manufacturing, processing, or storage of raw materials at industrial facilities.

Green Practices

Information and resources about Watershed Protections best Green Practices

NJ Stormwater

Here you’ll find links to technical information, guidance materials, forms, and applications for stormwater management.


Tidelands, also known as riparian lands, are all lands that are currently and formerly flowed by the mean high tide of a natural waterway.

Waste Water

Tools the Department utilizes to assure that both current decision making and future planning adequately take into account protection of water quality and quantity.

About Watershed Protection

An reorganization effort to bring certain elements of DEP’s land use and water resource management programs into closer alignment under a reimagined Watershed & Land Management program is well underway.

The vision is that, through a holistic approach to planning, permitting, mitigation and restoration of impacts to New Jersey’s watersheds, the Watershed & Land Management program (or WLM) will work to preserve, protect and improve the integrity of New Jersey’s water and natural resources, while protecting life and property from environmental threats. To accomplish this, WLM and our Water Resources Management (WRM) program will work together to unify and strengthen aspects of DEP’s land use and water regulatory programs in service of a watershed approach to our stewardship of land-based resources that have a critical nexus to water quality.