Mitigation Technical Manual

Last modified on May 25th, 2023 at 11:14 am

Mitigation Technical Manual Now Available from the Department of Environmental Protection

The DEP is pleased to announce the release of the Mitigation Technical Manual. Developed by staff from Watershed and Land Management and funded by a Wetland Program Development Grant from EPA Region 2, this manual provides comprehensive guidance for mitigating for impacts to wetlands and their transition areas, riparian zones, intertidal and subtidal shallows, shellfish habitat, and submerged aquatic vegetation. The manual explains what mitigation is, the various types of mitigation available, the regulatory requirements for mitigation, how to select a suitable mitigation location and design a mitigation project, and protocols to follow when monitoring the progress of a mitigation site. The manual also discusses how to establish a wetland mitigation bank. In addition, the manual incorporates lists of regional wetland species, common invasive species, and native species typical of specific wetland types and regions of New Jersey. This Mitigation Technical Manual is a valuable resource for consultants, mitigation bankers, and others interested in mitigation and should contribute to a higher level of success of mitigation and banking projects and an improvement in the ecological returns from mitigation efforts in New Jersey.

Click here to view the Mitigation Technical Manual