Tidelands eServices

As part of its continued commitment to customer service and transformation, the Watershed Protection & Restoration Bureau provides electronic services as an alternative to paper to allow users to apply online for Tidelands Licenses, Leases, Grants, Statements of No Interest, Tidelands License renewals and ownership changes. Below you will find guidance documents and forms for all of the Tidelands services.

If you have a Land Resource Protection Application, General Permit, Individual Permit, Permit-By-Certification, you can find their guidance documents and forms on here.

New Tidelands Application

A Tidelands License is a short-term rental agreement from the State of New Jersey for the use and occupation of state owned Tidelands. Generally, this is applied to currently flowed tidelands but can also include formerly flowed tidelands (examples include bulkhead fill, or a change in use impacting a formerly flowed claim area).

Licenses must be procured for the following uses:


  • Fixed structures (i.e. docks, piers, mooring piles, floating docks, boat lifts, riprap, etc.) constructed on currently flowed tidelands
  • Bulkhead reconstruction or extensions and associated fill that exceed or will exceed the mean high water line (As formerly flowed tidelands, bulkhead extensions may be purchased from the State if desired; however, they must be rented via a valid License until a Riparian Grant is delivered.)
  • Marina slips (defined as five or more rented boat slips)
  • Yacht and Boat Club structures
  • Dredging within state-owned tidal water
  • Utilities or Utility-related structures (i.e. pipes, cable lines) that cross over or under state-owned tidelands
  • Bridge construction/maintenance over state-owned tidelands


Before proceeding, please ensure that you have an electronic version of your recorded deed available as it will be required to complete the submission.

Guidance Documents
Description Updated File
Tidelands Application Submission Guide 06/03/2021

Renew Tidelands License

Applications to renew tidelands licenses that have expired or that will expire in the next six months may be submitted through this service. License holders with licenses for residential structures in water, bulkhead extensions or fill, commercial/industrial structures in water, bridges, boat/yacht clubs and marinas may utilize this service.

In certain cases, users may receive an automatic renewal approval within minutes of submission. For applications that do not qualify for automatic renewal, submitted materials will be reviewed by tidelands staff, who will notify the applicant if any additional information is required.

This service aims to improve customers’ convenience by reducing the amount of effort required to submit a renewal application and the amount of time required to receive a response upon submission of a renewal application.

Guidance Documents
Description Updated File
Renew Tidelands License Service Instructions 02/22/2023

If you prefer, you can still access the renewal license form and email the completed document to tidelandsappsupport@dep.nj.gov.

Transfer of Tidelands License to New Owner

This service will transfer a tidelands license from the previous property owner to the current property owner. This service applies only to tidelands licenses; it does not apply to tidelands leases, statements of no interest or grants.

Licenses must be active to be assigned. If the license you are trying to assign has expired, a renewal application must be submitted.

Before proceeding, please ensure that you have an electronic version of your recorded deed available as it will be required to complete the submission.

Tidelands Additional Documentation

This service maybe used to submit any follow-up document/revisions required in response to a notice of administrative and or technical deficiency issued by the Department, as well as any compliance documents. You will need to know your File Number and Activity Number to use this service.

Example of a file number and activity number :

File Number Format: xxxx-xx-xxxx.xx (1111-11-0011.1)

Activity Number: TDG190001, TDI190001, TDL190001

Guidance Documents
Description Updated File
Tidelands Additional Documentation Guide 06/03/2021

Pay Your Tidelands Paper Invoice Online

This service allows for online payment of a tidelands paper invoice by credit card or eCheck. The invoice number located on the top right of a paper invoice is required for this service. An invoice number may also be obtained by calling the Technical Support Center at (609) 777-0454.

  • No Registration Required
  • No Postage Costs
  • Pay by Credit Card (service fee) or eCheck (No Additional Cost)
  • Immediate Proof of Payment

If further assistance is needed, please contact the Division of Land Resource Protections’s Technical Support Center by using our contact us page or by calling (609) 777-0454.