How to Request a Land Use Emergency Authorization 

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Currently, the Division has several tools available on our existing website to assist and educate before, during and after emergency events. These guidance tools provide direction in what can be conducted with our without permits for impacts to infrastructure critical to public safety.

Guidance Information

In general, an emergency authorization allows an applicant to undertake a regulated activity (when conditions warrant immediate action to protect the environment and/or public health, safety and welfare), before a formal permit can be issued. This document outlines the procedure to be followed.

An applicant applying for an emergency permit shall provide the Department with the following information by telephone, email or letter:

  1. The nature of the emergency;
  2. The cause of the emergency;
  3. The date and time at which the applicant learned of the emergency;
  4. Detailed narrative of the work to be undertaken including the nature and extent of the proposed regulated activities;
  5. The date by which the applicant expects to begin the proposed regulated activities;
  6. The date by which the applicant expects to complete the proposed regulated activities;
  7. The precise location of the proposed regulated activities, including lot, block, municipality, and county; (a map would be helpful)
  8. The identity of the owner of the site where the regulated activities are proposed;
  9. A demonstration that the property owner has given permission for the regulated activities to be performed or, in the case of a public entity intending to undertake regulated activities on private property through power of eminent domain, a written statement of the public entity’s intent;
  10. Photographs of the area in question;
  11. A drawing or sketch of the proposed emergency activities to be undertaken; and
  12. Applicant’s name, address, email, and phone number.

Contact Information for Division of Land Resource Protection

Flood Hazard Area Permits

North Jersey: Dennis Contois at
South Jersey: Damian Friebel at
Tel: 609-633-6563

Coastal Permits

Includes Waterfront Development, CAFRA, and Coastal Wetland Permits

Contact: Christopher Jones at
Tel: 609-633-2289

Freshwater Wetlands Permits

Contact: Ryan Anderson at
Tel: 609-984-6216

Dredging/Port/SRP Facilities Projects

Contact: Gary Nickerson at
Tel: 609-633-2289