The following are required for NJ ERT Certification:

The NJ-CERT Course is a course on the rules and regulations of the Enhanced I/M program in New Jersey, the air quality issues in the State, and the reasons why the I/M program is required. The course covers topics such as what vehicles are inspected and what tests they receive. it also covers special repair topics on tampering, readiness and communications, known repair issues, emissions warranties, and aftermarket catalytic converters. In addition, it provides repair resources, customer service tips, and program contact phone numbers.

Even if you are not currently due to re-certify or take the course, the Modules and Supplemental Materials provide a wealth of information and are available for your reference at any time!

Master Acronyms List

Open or print to refer to as you read the modules and take the assessment.

Rules and Regulations

These take first precedence as the official versions over the summarized views presented in the modules.


View the Materials and Modules for the NJ-CERT Course.

Take the Assessment

Complete the NJ-CERT Assessment after you have read and reviewed each of the 9 course modules!



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