ERT Certification Instructions

Step 1: Register for an ERT Identification Number

To download the registration form, please click here: ERT ID Number Form

Step 2: Meet the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) requirements

Current certification in the following is required:

ASE A6 – Electrical/Electronics

ASE A8 – Engine Performance

ASE L1 – Advanced Engine Performance


Step 3: Give ASE permission to email your ASE certification status to DEP

Please click here for the steps to follow:

ASE Verification Process

Step 4: Take the free online NJ-CERT Course and complete the NJ-CERT Assessment


Upon approval, your ERT certificate and ID cards will be emailed to you and a free embroidered ERT patch will be delivered to your home address. Your ERT expiration date will correspond to the expiration date of your ASE L1 certification.