Equipment Modernization Program

The DEP Equipment Modernization Program is a diesel replacement program. This program utilizes state and federal funding to replace both marine engines and non-road diesel vehicles – anything from ferry vessels to backhoe loaders. Contingent upon open solicitations, the program also works with both municipalities and private entities to electrify on-road diesel vehicles, such as school buses, garbage trucks, and port equipment.

Current Project Opportunities

Program Purpose

Older, low-quality diesel equipment operating in the state contribute heavily to NOx and particulate matter (PM_ emissions, negatively affecting the health of some of our most vulnerable communities.

Once an applicant has been approved for a project, the DEP works with the applicant to process a state grant agreement contract that covers the purchase of new equipment as well as the reimbursement for that purchase. The percentage of reimbursement varies depending on funding and the type of project.

Transportation makes up the largest source of air pollution in the state of NJ, and much of that pollution comes from diesel mobile sources. Through the Volkswagen Consent Decree, NJ has awarded over $72 million for projects replacing diesel on-road vehicles, such as buses and garbage trucks, with electric vehicles.

Grant Agreement Process

  • Applicant is approved for a project
  • DEP and Applicant process a grant agreement contract
  • Percentage of reimbursement varies depending on funding and the type of project

If you are interested in doing a project, please send the Project Information Form to

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