Remediation Standards
Notice of extension of comment period and postponement of public hearing on proposal
Proposal of New Rules, Amendments, and Repeals, N.J.A.C. 7:26D

Take notice that the Department of Environmental Protection (Department) is extending the comment period for the proposed new rules, amendments, and repeals at N.J.A.C. 7:26D, Remediation Standards, and postponing the public hearing.  The remediation standards apply to contaminated sites throughout the State.

The proposal was published in the New Jersey Register on April 6, 2020, at 52 N.J.R. 566(a).  The comment period for the proposal was originally scheduled to close on June 5, 2020.   The Department is extending the comment period for 60 days, until August 5, 2020.   The Department is also postponing the public hearing on the proposal, which was originally scheduled for May 11, 2020.  The Department anticipates holding a public hearing on the proposal.  The date and time of the hearing will depend on circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 public health emergency.  If the Department holds a hearing, the public comment period will be extended, if necessary, until after the hearing.

Further information on a public hearing, if one is held, will be posted on the Department’s website at https://dep.nj.gov/rules/notices.html at least 15 days prior to the date of the hearing.  Notice will also be sent to those who have subscribed to the Department’s rulemaking listserv.  To subscribe, go to https://dep.nj.gov/rules/receive-rule-proposal-notices-via-email/.

Submit comments by August 5, 2020, electronically at https://dep.nj.gov/rules/comment-on-dep-rulemaking-2/. The Department encourages electronic submittal of comments. In the alternative, comments may be submitted on paper to:

Alice A. Previte, Esq.
Attn: DEP Docket Number: 01-20-03
Office of Legal Affairs
Department of Environmental Protection
401 East State Street, 7th Floor
Mail Code 401-04L
PO Box 402
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0402

Please refer to the original proposal for detailed information regarding the proposed rules.

The notice of proposal may be viewed or downloaded from the Department’s website at https://dep.nj.gov/wp-content/uploads/rules/proposals/20200406a.pdf