The Liberty State Park (LSP) Revitalization Program will bring more than one hundred acres of active recreational, arts, and cultural improvements to LSP’s perimeter and create a central park at its heart with world-class natural landscapes that build resilience to flooding and climate change while providing passive recreation and educational opportunities for the public. Read the press release.
The three-phase program includes:

Restoration & Resilience

Interior Area

  • Clean up legacy industrial pollution and complete ecological restoration with nature-based climate resilience features
  • Create central park with panoramic hilltops, sweeping harbor/skyline views, meadows, wetland habitats, outdoor classroom, and urban forest connected by ~6 mi. trail network


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Immediate Active Recreation, Arts & Culture

Northern Area

  • Create Northern Athletics Hub for public outdoor active recreation, including multi-purpose athletic fields and community center
  • Develop public arts and cultural spaces, including public outdoor amphitheater and revitalized Central Railroad terminal concourse into community gathering and market space


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Holistic Long-Term Master Plan

Southern Area + Waterfront

  • Plan Southern Athletics Hub to potentially include public track and field center, ball fields, basketball courts, racquet courts, and support facilities
  • Evaluate feasibility and plan community pool, aquatics center, community gardens, nature-based waterfront enhancements, and other public amenities


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