Diversion Application Information Page–City of Ocean City, Cape May County–Ocean Wind Project

Last modified on November 3rd, 2022 at 5:24 pm

Application by Ocean Wind, LLC to Cross Green Acres Encumbered Parkland for Offshore Export Cable

Disclaimer:  The following application items are posted as a courtesy to the public and may not have been fully reviewed or accepted as complete by the Department.


Posted November 3, 2022:

Notice of November 14, 2022 Final Public Hearing (Rescheduled)


Posted October 3, 2022:

Notice of Cancellation of October 3, 2022 Public Hearing


Posted September 13, 2022:

Notice of October 3, 2022 Final Public Hearing


Posted July 26, 2022:

Part 1.     Description of the Proposed Disposal/Diversion

Part 2.     Alternatives Analysis

Part 3.     Environmental Assessment Report

Part 4.     Appraisals

Beach Lots Appraisal

Bayfront Lot Appraisal

Part 5.     Compensation Proposal

Part 6.     State Plan Analysis

Part 7.     List of Required Permits

Part 8.     Deeds for the Proposed Disposal/Diversion Area and Replacement Parcel(s)

Part 9.   Maps

Part 10.  Public Hearing Information