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The Office of Transactions & Public Land Administration has responsibilities Department-wide to:

  • Oversee contracts, including memoranda of agreement.
  • Administer legal matters for the Department’s real estate holdings, through either:
    • Term Agreements: Leases, Concessions, Licenses and Rights of Entry
    • Permanent Conveyances: Easements (access, utility, etc.) and Land Exchanges
  • Ensure post-funding compliance for Green Acres encumbered properties and other lands that are subject to permanent restrictions as a condition of public funding administered by the Department.
  • Oversee and provide transactional support for the acquisition of lands by the Department, both at the contracting stage and the closing stage of such acquisitions.
  • Assist the Commissioner in reviewing requests for release of conservation restrictions.
  • Develop new and updated policies, protocols and documents to support OTPLA’s mission and functions and the Department’s key land management initiatives, goals and priorities.

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