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Watch Wildlife by Habitat

Watch Wildlife by Habitat

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The majority of New Jersey’s wildlife species are tied to specific habitats and, in some cases, also regions. For example, the very rare endangered golden-winged warbler can only be found breeding in shrubby areas surrounded by forest in the Skylands Landscape Region, while the more common but also declining eastern towhee can essentially be found in any shrubby area throughout the state.

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While most guides to watching wildlife in New Jersey are organized by region, there are some tools that can be used to find wildlife by habitat type:

  • A list (pdf, 335kb) of wildlife species of greatest conservation need in New Jersey and the regions and habitats they can be found
  • An online field guide for specific wildlife species.
  • Species Profiles (pdf, 6mb) in the New Jersey State Wildlife Action Plan provides information on 46 species of greatest conservation need.
  • For rare wildlife, New Jersey’s Landscape Project maps habitat that supports endangered, threatened, and special concern wildlife. The Landscape Project mapping and species information can be found on the NJ-GeoWeb interactive mapping application site.

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