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Reptiles and Amphibians in New Jersey

Reptiles and Amphibians in New Jersey

With its many landscapes and habitat types, New Jersey has a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians. Calling Spring peepers enhance spring evenings, and the eager trill of Gray treefrogs is a backdrop to damp summer days. Children thrill to find familiar Box turtles, Eastern newts or Garter snakes, while many less-familiar reptiles and amphibians struggle to keep their niche across our changing landscape. NJDEP Fish and Wildlife biologists work extensively on behalf of imperiled reptile and amphibian species like the Bog turtle, Tiger salamander and others, to halt their declines and restore populations.

See the links below for more information about New Jersey’s reptiles and amphibians.

Reptile and Amphibian (Herpetile) Information

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