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New Jersey’s Endangered and Threatened Wildlife

New Jersey’s Endangered and Threatened Wildlife

The lists of New Jersey’s endangered and threatened wildlife species are maintained by the NJDEP Fish and Wildlife’s Endangered and Nongame Species Program (ENSP). These lists are used to determine protection and management actions necessary to ensure the survival of our state’s endangered, threatened and other nongame wildlife. See the Species Status Assessment page for information on the listing process.

To report a sighting of endangered or threatened wildlife, use the Rare Wildlife Sighting Report Form.

Wildlife Species Status Classifications

Endangered Species are those whose prospects for survival in New Jersey are in immediate danger because of a loss or change in habitat, over-exploitation, predation, competition, disease, disturbance or contamination. Assistance is needed to prevent future extinction in New Jersey. See below for the list of endangered species in New Jersey.

Threatened Species are those who may become endangered if conditions surrounding them begin to or continue to deteriorate. See below for the list of threatened species in New Jersey

Species of Special Concern are those who warrant special attention because of some evidence of decline, inherent vulnerability to environmental deterioration, or habitat modification that would result in their becoming a threatened species. This category also applies to species that meet the foregoing criteria and for which there is little understanding of their current population status in the state. For a list of special concern species in New Jersey, see the Special Concern Species List (pdf, 87kb).

Other Classifications: There are other classifications for wildlife including Stable, Undetermined, and Game. For a complete listing of species monitored by the ENSP, see the Species Status Listing.

Species of Greatest Conservation Need are determined separately from species status assessments. These are indigenous species that have met specific criteria that warrant being listed as such in the New Jersey State Wildlife Action Plan. This list (pdf, 275kb) includes all state listed species as well as those listed as concern based on national or regional plans/criteria. For more information about species of greatest conservation need, see the New Jersey State Wildlife Action Plan (pdf, 34mb).

List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife Species

Species names in the tables below link to PDF documents containing identification, habitat and status and conservation information. For more detailed descriptions, photographs, and range maps of New Jersey’s endangered, threatened, and special concern species, please refer to the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ’s online field guide.


Bittern, American BRBotaurus lentiginosos BRBobolink BRDolichonyx oryzivorus BR
Eagle, bald BRHaliaeetus leucocephalus BREagle, bald NBHaliaeetus leucocephalus NB
Falcon, peregrine BRFalco peregrinus BREgret, cattle BRBubulcus ibis BR
Goshawk, northern BRAccipiter gentilis BRKestrel, AmericanFalco sparverius
Grebe, pied-billed BRPodilymbus podiceps BRLark, horned BREremophila alpestris BR
Harrier, northern BRCircus cyaneus BRNight-heron, black-crowned BRNycticorax nycticorax BR
Hawk, red-shouldered BRButeo lineatus BRNight-heron, yellow-crownedNyctanassa violacea
Knot, red NBCalidris canutus NBOsprey BRPandion haliaetus BR
Owl, short-eared BRAsio flammeus BROwl, barredStrix varia
Plover, piping**Charadrius melodus**Owl, long-earedAsio otus
Rail, black BRLaterallus jamaicensis BRRail, black NBLaterallus jamaicensis NB
Sandpiper, uplandBatramia longicaudaSparrow, grasshopper BRAmmodramus savannarum BR
Shrike, loggerhead NBLanius ludovicianus NBSparrow, Savannah BRPasserculus sandwichensis BR
Skimmer, blackRynchops nigerWoodpecker, red-headedMelanerpes erythrocephalus
Sparrow, Henslow’sAmmodramus henslowii
Sparrow, vesper BRPooecetes gramineus BR
Tern, leastSternula antillarum
Tern, roseate**Sterna dougallii**
Warbler, golden-winged BRVermivora chrysoptera BR
Wren, sedgeCistothorus platensis
**Federally endangered or threatenedBR – Breeding population only; NB – non-breeding population only


Rattlesnake, timberCrotalus h. horridusSnake, northern pinePituophis m. melanoleucus
Snake, cornElaphe g. guttataTurtle, Atlantic green**Chelonia mydas**
Snake, queenRegina septemvittataTurtle, woodGlyptemys insculpta
Turtle, bog**Glyptemys muhlenbergii**
Hawksbill, Atlantic**Eretmochelys imbricata**
Leatherback, Atlantic **Dermochelys coriacea**
Loggerhead, Atlantic **Caretta caretta**
Ridley, Atlantic **Lepidochelys kempii**
**Federally endangered or threatened


Salamander, blue-spottedAmbystoma lateraleSalamander, eastern mudPseudotriton montanus
Salamander, eastern tigerAmbystoma tigrinumSalamander, long-tailedEurycea longicauda
Treefrog, southern grayHyla chrysocelisTreefrog, pine barrensHyla andersonii


Beetle, American burying**Nicrophorus americanus**Baskettail, robust(dragonfly)Epitheca spinosa
Beetle, northeastern beach tiger**Cincindela d. dorsalis**Clubtail, banner (dragonflyGomphus apomyius
Copper, bronzeLycaena hyllusClubtail, harpoon (dragonfly)Gomphus descriptus
Floater, brook (mussel)Alasmidonta varicosaElfin, frosted (butterfly)Callophrys irus
Floater, green (mussel)Lasmigona subviridisEmerald, Kennedy’s (dragonfly)Somatochlora kennedyi
Petaltail, gray (dragonfly)Tachopteryx thoreyiFloater, triangle (mussel)Alasmidonta undulata
Satyr, Mitchell’s (butterfly)**Neonympha m. mitchellii**Fritillary, silver-bordered (butterfly)Bolaria selene myrina
Skipper, arogos (butterfly)Atrytone arogos arogosJewelwing, superb (dragonfly)Calopteryx amata
Skipper, Appalachian grizzled (butterfly)Pyrgus wyandotLampmussel, eastern (mussel)Lampsilis radiata
Wedgemussel, dwarf**Alasmidonta heterodon**Lampmussel, yellow (mussel)Lampsilis cariosa
 Mucket, tidewater (mussel)Leptodea ochracea
Pondmussel, eastern (mussel)Ligumia nasuta
Snaketail, brook, (dragonfly)Ophiogomphus asperses
White, checkered (butterfly)Pontia protodice
**Federally endangered or threatened


Bat, Indiana**Myotis sodalis**
BobcatLynx rufus
Whale, North Atlantic right**Eubalaena glacialis**
Whale, blue**Balaenoptera musculus**
Whale, fin**Balaenoptera physalus**
Whale, humpback**Megaptera novaeangliae**
Whale, sei**Balaenoptera borealis**
Whale,sperm**Physeter macrocephalus**
Woodrat, AlleghenyNeotoma magister
**Federally Endangered


Sturgeon, Atlantic**Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus**
Sturgeon, shortnose**Acipenser brevirostrum**
**Federally Endangered

List updated 4/2/12

The lists of New Jersey’s endangered and nongame wildlife species are maintained by the NJDEP Fish and Wildlife’s Endangered and Nongame Species Program (ENSP). These lists are used to determine protection and management actions necessary to ensure the survival of our state’s endangered and nongame wildlife.

Much of the ENSP’s conservation work is made possible through voluntary contributions received through Check-off donations to the Endangered Wildlife Conservation Fund on the State Income Tax Form, the sale of Conserve Wildlife License Plates, and donations. For more information about the Endangered and Nongame Species Program or to report a sighting of endangered or threatened wildlife, contact the Endangered and Nongame Species, NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, Mail Code 501-03, PO Box 420, Trenton, NJ 08625-0420.

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