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Game Species of New Jersey

NJ Fish and Wildlife strives to maintain healthy and diverse game species populations throughout the State to maximize the associated economic, aesthetic, and recreational benefits through scientifically sound research and management programs.

White-tailed Deer

New Jersey’s White-tailed Deer herd is a major component of the landscape throughout all but the most urbanized areas of the state. Deer affect our forests, farms, gardens, backyards and roadways. From a population reduced to a handful of deer in the early 1900s they rebounded during the 20th Century to a thriving herd today.

Black Bear

On November 15, 2022, the Governor enacted a new Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy (CBBMP) through emergency rulemaking.

Wild Turkey

NJ Fish and Wildlife’s Turkey Restoration Project represents one of the greatest wildlife management success stories in the history of the state. From near extirpation in the mid-1800’s to reintroduction in the 1970’s followed by trap and transfer to support a spring hunting season in 1981. There is now an abundance of wild turkeys throughout the state with turkeys found wherever there is suitable habitat.

Upland Game Bird

In addition to stocking and managing fields for stocked Pheasant and Quail, Fish and Wildlife is focusing efforts on improving habitat for Ruffed Grouse.

Coyote and Fox

Coyote and fox have been recorded in all 21 counties in New Jersey and play an important role in ecological balance.

Small Game

New Jersey’s diverse landscape provides habitat for abundant populations of rabbit and squirrel.

Migratory Bird

New Jersey hosts a large variety of waterfowl species given its mix of wetland habitats including the ocean, large bays, salt marshes, lakes, and beaver ponds. New Jersey’s salt marshes are of global significance given that over one-third of the black ducks in the eastern United States and half of North America’s Atlantic brant spend winter in these marshes.


New Jersey hosts a large variety of furbearer species given its mix of habitats. New Jersey’s is home to beaver, river otter, mink, muskrat, opossum, raccoon, and many more species of furbearer.

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