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November 14, 2022

Sparta Mountain Trail and Site Closure on Wednesday, November 16, 2022

For safety reasons, starting November 16, 2022 one parking area, a small portion of Sparta Mountain WMA and parts of some trails will be temporarily closed to the public. These areas include the small gravel parking area just north of the Edison Monument parking lot, 1/4 mile of the access road that runs east/west on the northern side of Edison Bog, and the safety zone surrounding the 10-acre site between Edison Bog and the forested wetland that encompasses Russia Brook (see map).

If the project is not completed by December 4, 2022, work will cease and the area will be temporarily re-opened December 5-10, then closed again for work to resume on December 11, 2022 until the project is completed.

NJ Fish and Wildlife regrets having to close the area off completely. During previous activities spectators, set upon continually entering the work area and disregarding posted signs, have created significant safety concerns.

Any tree stands, blinds, or other items remaining in this area when work begins will be removed.

This habitat restoration project will open the forest canopy to allow for the growth of young oak and hickory trees, blackberries, sedges, and a variety of other native shrub and sapling plants, which will become breeding and/or foraging habitat for numerous wildlife, including the 80 different bird species that have been observed using other managed sites on Sparta Mountain WMA.

For more information, please view Sparta Mountain WMA – Updates & Upcoming Activities.

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