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NJ Hunting & Trapping License Information


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NJ Hunting & Trapping License Information


NOTE: Bow and trapping licenses and all permits and stamps are printed at home; licenses, permits and stamps on durable green stock can be ordered for a $2.00 fee. Firearm Licenses are still mailed at no cost.

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Apprentice Hunting License Information
For those without hunter education.

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Deer, Turkey, Bear and Beaver/Otter Permit Information
License Fees


A license is required to hunt or trap in New Jersey and a person must be a minimum of 10 years of age to have one issued (see Farmer Exceptions). Licenses must be openly displayed in the middle of the back on outer clothing.

A completed hunter education course or a resident license from NJ or any another state is required to obtain a NJ license. If hunter education had been completed but the card lost, a duplicate hunter education card can often be obtained. New or returning hunters without hunter education or previous license documentation may be eligible for an Apprentice Hunting License.

Licenses and stamps can be purchased at license agents located throughout the state. Licenses can also be purchased online, provided documentation of a completed course or resident license has been entered in the license database.

New Jersey licenses are for the calendar year and expire on December 31 regardless of when purchased (see Youth Licenses for exception). Deer permits are valid into the following year if a season extends into it, but the current year’s license is required. Waterfowl Stamps and Rifle Permits only are valid for the July 1 – June 30 period.


NJ Child Support Certification
License purchasers are required to complete the NJ Child Support Certification annually.

Resident Licenses
It is unlawful for any person to obtain a resident license unless they have actually lived in this state for 6 months immediately prior to the time of purchase.

Non-Resident Licenses
Non-residents must have a record of either a resident license from any state or proof of successfully completing an appropriate hunter education course in the license database in order to obtain a license to hunt or trap in New Jersey. See the Non-resident Hunting Information page for more information.

Non-Resident Two-Day Small Game Firearm Hunting
Good for two consecutive days only. May be used for small game, including waterfowl (HIP Certification and state and federal stamps required.) May not be used for wild turkey hunting.

Youth Licenses
Youths 15 years of age and under may obtain a free Youth License upon successful completion of a Hunter Education course. Properly licensed youth hunters (resident & non-resident) aged 10–13 may hunt only when accompanied by a properly licensed adult aged 21 or older. Youth Licenses are valid from time of issuance until end of the year the holder turns 16. More information is available on the Youth License page.

Apprentice Licenses
The apprentice hunting license will allow any age-appropriate person to try shotgun or archery hunting, before completing a Hunter Education Course. The apprentice must hunt with a mentor. See Apprentice Hunting License Information for details.

Licenses for Active Duty Service Personnel
Any person on active duty in the armed services of the United States, whether a state resident or non-resident, is entitled to hunt with a resident license. Service personnel may obtain a resident hunting license upon presenting proof of active duty to a license agent. A previous resident license (from this or any other state) of the appropriate type or proof of successfully completing the appropriate hunter education course is still required to obtain a hunting license.

Licenses for NJ National Guard Members
Eligible active NJ National Guard personnel are entitled to free licenses, permits and stamps. Contact MSG (Ret.) Robert Greco via e-mail at or at NJ Department of Military/Veteran Affairs, 101 Eggert Crossing Rd., Lawrenceville, NJ 08648. Call 609-530-6866 for more information.

Veterans with a Service-connected Disability
Resident NJ veterans with a service-connected disability are eligible for free licenses. See the Disabled Veteran License Information page for details.

Special One-Day License
A one-day license may be issued for hunting on a licensed commercial shooting preserve. This license may be obtained at the shooting preserve and is valid only on the day issued for the species covered by the preserve’s license. Hunter Education requirements still apply.

Farmer License Exemption
A farmer and the immediate members of the family who also reside on the farm may hunt, trap and fish on the farm without being licensed or possessing a valid rifle permit (a farm is defined as an area of at least 5 acres and having gross income of at least $500, and tax assessed as farmland).

This exemption does not apply to a tenant or employee who is not an immediate family member.

Duplicate Licenses
Duplicate licenses for the current year are available. See the Duplicate Licenses page for information.

Deer, Turkey, Bear and Beaver/Otter Permit Information

Rifle Permit
A valid Rifle Permit is required for hunting with a muzzleloader, center-fire or .22 caliber firearm, and for dispatching trapped animals other than muskrat, where allowed by law. Initial Rifle Permit applicants must have successfully completed a Hunter Education course. Rifle Permits are valid from July 1 – June 30. A current Rifle Permit is required to purchase muzzleloader deer permits.

Pheasant and Quail Stamp
Anyone aged 16 and over (except 16 year olds whose Youth License remains valid through the end of the year in which they turn 16) hunting or possessing pheasant or quail on the following designated Wildlife Management Areas shall have in possession a current Pheasant and Quail Stamp (free youth hunting licenses include pheasant & quail stamp): Assunpink, Berkshire Valley, Millville, Black River, Clinton, Colliers Mills, Dix, Flatbrook, Glassboro, Greenwood Forest, Howardsville, Heislerville, Tuckahoe, Mad Horse, Manahawkin, Manasquan River, Medford, Nantuxent, Peaslee, Pequest, Port Republic, Stafford Forge, Walpack, Whittingham and Winslow. Other designated areas include the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and Fort Dix (if stocked and open to hunting). Pheasant and quail stamps are valid for the calendar year, January–December.

Waterfowl Stamp
Anyone 16 or older who hunts waterfowl must possess a New Jersey Waterfowl Stamp in addition to the Federal Duck Stamp. Both of these stamps are valid July 1–June 30. A current HIP number is also required.


Below are the fees for NJ Hunting & Trapping Licenses and Permits (fees also apply to Apprentice Licenses). There is no fee for Youth Licenses (ages 10 – 15). Licenses are for the calendar year and expire on December 31. Deer permits are valid into the following year if a season extends into it. Waterfowl stamps and Rifle Permits are valid for the July 1 – June 30 period.

Firearm Licenses
Resident Firearm Hunting (incl. Apprentice)$27.50
Senior Resident Firearm (65 yrs & older) (incl. Apprentice)$15.50
Non-Resident Firearm Hunting (incl. Apprentice)$135.50
Non-Resident Two-Day Small Game Firearm Hunting (Consecutive Days Only)$36.50
Special One-Day Hunting (On Commercial Preserves Only)$12.50
Youth License (Resident and Non-Resident)Free
Bow and Arrow Licenses
Resident Bow & Arrow Hunting (incl. Apprentice)$31.50
Senior Resident Bow & Arrow Hunting (65 yrs & older) (incl. Apprentice)$16.50
Non-Resident Bow & Arrow Hunting (incl. Apprentice)$135.50
Youth License (Resident and Non-Resident)Free
Trapping Licenses
Resident Trapping$32.50
Non-Resident Trapping$200.50
Deer Zone Permits (for Permit Bow, Shotgun and Muzzleloader seasons; antlerless only)$28.00
Antlered Buck Permits (for Permit Bow, Shotgun and Muzzleloader seasons)$28.00
Black Bear Permit$2.00
Turkey Season Permit$21.00
Rifle Permit (valid July 1 – June 30)$10.50
Youth Deer Zone Permit (antlerless only)$12.00
Youth Buck Permit$12.00
Youth Turkey Permit$12.00
Youth Rifle Permit (valid July 1 – June 30)$6.00
Pheasant & Quail Stamp$40.00
Resident Waterfowl Stamp (valid July 1 – June 30)$5.00
Non-Resident Waterfowl Stamp (valid July 1 – June 30)$10.00
Miscellaneous Licenses
All-Around Sportsman (Includes Resident Firearm Hunting,
Bow & Arrow Hunting & Fishing Licenses)
Duplicate licenses$2.00
NOTE: License fees are subject to change

For more information on hunting in New Jersey, please visit the various pages linked from the Hunting page or call 908-637-4125 ext. 0.

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