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Mentor Hunter Information

Mentor Hunter Information

The following is for hunters who will be mentoring Apprentice License holders. Mentors should also consult the Apprentice Hunter FAQs.

1. Mentors must be at least 21 years of age and possess a current year NJ hunting license for the type of hunting (firearm or bow) they will be doing with the Apprentice Hunter.

2. Mentors must obtain and possess written permission from the parent or guardian of a minor (under 18) Apprentice Hunter.

3. Mentors cannot supervise more than one Apprentice Hunter at a time in the field.

4. Mentors must agree to accompany and supervise the Apprentice Hunter and remain within sight of, and in direct voice contact with, the Apprentice Hunter at all times while in the field.

5. Mentors may not have any prior Fish and Wildlife violations in this or any other state and will be held responsible for any/all violations committed by the apprentice.

6. Mentors shall be subject to ALL penalties for violations committed by the holder of an Apprentice License while under his/her supervision.

Harvest Reporting

Mentors and Apprentice Hunters are each responsible for reporting the deer, turkey or coyote they take. See the current Hunting & Trapping Digest for harvest reporting information. (Deer harvest reporting information is found on the AHRS Information page.)

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