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Deer Season and Regulations

Deer Season and Regulations

New Jersey’s White-tailed Deer herd is a major component of the landscape throughout all but the most urbanized areas of the state. White-tailed Deer affect our forests, farms, gardens, backyards and roadways. NJ deer hunters spend more than 100 million dollars each year as they enjoy approximately 1.5 million recreation-days hunting deer. Money spent during deer seasons benefits a wide variety of New Jersey businesses. There are many opportunities to hunt white-tailed deer in New Jersey. Please review our seasons and regulations to prepare yourself for a great hunt!

Legal Hunting Hours: one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.

Harvest Report Requirement: To be legal, all deer harvested must be reported using Fish and Wildlife’s Automated Harvest Report System at (855)448-6865 or Harvest Report. Hunters will be assigned a Confirmation Number which must be kept with the deer and its parts.

You can use the New Jersey Hunting & Trapping Explorer ( to help you find your DMZ and Deer Management Unit (DMU).

Current Regulations

What do I need to hunt White-tailed Deer in New Jersey?
Firearms, Bows, and Ammunition Legal for White-tailed Deer Hunting
White-tailed Deer Hunting Regulations – Archery
White-tailed Deer Hunting Regulations- Firearms

Harvest Documents

White-tailed Deer Harvest Report Card
White-tailed Deer Supplemental Harvest Log
Printable White-tailed Deer Transportation Tag
Historic Deer Harvest
Historical County Deer Harvest
2021-2022 Deer Harvest
Special Area Deer Hunting Regulations

Additional Information

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

Automated Harvest Report System (AHRS)

Deer Tracking Dog Program

Outstanding Deer Program

Deer FAQs

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