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Automated Harvest Report System (AHRS)

Harvested Animals Must Have a Transportation Tag Attached BEFORE Moving From Field!

Although harvest reporting is done via the web or phone, hunters are still required to immediately fill out the Harvest Report stub that is part of the license or permit. The Harvest Report stub should remain attached to the license and is not to be used as a tag. Hunters are required to tag deer and other species before transporting. The tag must include the hunter's CID#, harvest location, antler points or other information if applicable, and Confirmation Number if registered. Make your own tag if necessary.

NOTE: If you don’t recover your kill or are unable to access the AHRS by the designated times on the day of harvest, call the nearest Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement office and leave a message (See page 18) Please leave your name, CID number, phone number, and a brief message explaining your situation.

Automated Harvest Report System (AHRS)

The Automated Harvest Report System (AHRS) is used for the mandatory reporting of ALL deer, turkey, light goose, coyote/fox and beaver/otter.
Report a Harvest

There are two ways to report harvests:

The phone number and website are printed on every hunting license and permit.

Know Your Hunting Location!

Use The NJ Hunting and Trapping Explorer for Hunting Location Information.

Identifying your hunting location information is easy with the NJ Hunting and Trapping Explorer to learn about the new features and how to use them, see the NJ Hunting and Trapping Explorer User Guide (pdf, 315kb).Hunters are encouraged to use the viewer to obtain the information necessary to report a deer with the AHRS and help Fish and Wildlife’s deer management efforts.

Note: The Hunting and Trapping Explorer is for reference only. All state, county, municipal and federally-owned open space shown is not necessarily open for hunting. Consult the property owner for any restrictions.

Farmer Information

All hunters with “Farmer” status MUST have a Conservation ID Number (CID#), obtained free at license agents or online at

Farmers who receive free Farmer Deer, Bear or Turkey Permits, or have purchased a fishing or hunting license since 2006, already have a CID# which appears on the licenses/permits. The CID# must be used to report deer via the Automated Harvest Report System.

Farmers hunting their property without a license do not need a Harvest Number to report a deer harvested on non-permit seasons (all permits will have a Harvest Number). Farmers should utilize the Deer Transportation Tag (pdf, 61kb) to record information about their hunting area information prior to hunting, and to record the Confirmation Number assigned upon reporting a deer via the AHRS.

Occupant Farmers that have not taken advantage of the free Farmer Permit Program for Deer and Turkey may not yet have a Conservation ID Number. Occupant Farmers who do not have a CID# must create a customer profile to generate a CID# and print a CID card through the online license site at

Occupant Farmer instructions for creating a customer profile and obtaining a CID Number:

1. Go to the internet license sales site (safe and secure website) at
2. Click ‘Start Here’ button at bottom of page
3. Select Social Security Number to log in.
4. Input the required personal information.
5. Scroll down to the selection buttons and click on ‘Print Identification Card’. An identification card with a 9-digit Conservation ID Number (CID#) will appear for printing. The CID# is a unique lifetime number that will appear on all future licenses and permits and must be used for all future harvest reporting.

Deer Transportation Tag (pdf, 61kb)
Automated Harvest Report System FAQs

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