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Automated Harvest Report System (AHRS) – Turkey

Harvested Animals Must Have a Transportation Tag Attached BEFORE Moving From Field!

Although harvest reporting is done via the web or phone, hunters are still required to immediately fill out the Harvest Report stub that is part of the license or permit. The Harvest Report stub should remain attached to the license and is not to be used as a tag. Hunters are required to tag deer and other species before transporting. The tag must include the hunter's CID#, harvest location, antler points or other information if applicable, and Confirmation Number if registered. Make your own tag if necessary.

NOTE: If you don’t recover your kill or are unable to access the AHRS by the designated times on the day of harvest, call the nearest Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement office and leave a message (See page 18) Please leave your name, CID number, phone number, and a brief message explaining your situation.

Automated Harvest Report System (AHRS) – Turkey

All hunters are required to report a harvested turkey on the day killed using the online Automated Harvest Report System.

The following information is also found on page 52 in the 2022-23 Hunting & Trapping Digest.

Upon retrieval, the turkey is considered to be in your possession. The hunter must:

Step 1

Immediately fill out the Turkey Report Card that is part of your permit with the exception of the Confirmation Number and attach the tag to the turkey.

Step 2

Record the sex and age of your turkey and take measurements of the beard and longer spur, if applicable*Measure BEFORE starting the harvest report process.

*For information and instruction on how to determine the sex, age, and measurements of a turkey (required to report a turkey), see Sexing, Aging, and Measuring below.

Step 3

Report your harvest on the license website or by phone to the toll-free number 855-I-HUNT-NJ (855-448-6865). The hunter must continue to attempt accessing the AHRS until they receive a Confirmation Number for that turkey. See deadlines for harvest reporting on page 50 of the digest.

For sample screenshots of online harvest reporting, see the Guide to Online Reporting below.

Step 4

Record your assigned Confirmation Number on your Turkey Report Card. Retain your Confirmation Number as long as the turkey or its parts are in possession.

Guide for Online Reporting (pdf)

Sexing, Aging & Measuring (pdf)

Turkey Regulations & Info (pdf)

Report a Turkey Harvest

If you need further assistance with turkey harvest reporting contact the Turkey Reporting Help Line at 908-735-7288.

Wild Turkey in New Jersey

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