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New Jersey State Record Saltwater Fish

New Jersey State Record Saltwater Fish

Below are the current New Jersey record saltwater fish. In May, 2007, the program was revised to include Retired Categories of fish no longer included in the program, as well as Retired Historical Records. Currently there are 59 species of marine fish eligible for entry in the Record Fish Program.

In 2014 the program was again revised with the addition of the NJ Record Saltwater Fish – Spearfishing category. There are 17 species eligible for entry.

Anglers are reminded that the objective of the Record Fish Program is to increase the awareness of fishing opportunities for species that are regularly sought after and routinely found in or off the coast of New Jersey.

For more information and the application form see the Record Fish Program page.

SpeciesLbs.Oz.YearAnglerWhere Caught
Amberjack, Greater8501993Edwin MetznerOff Cape May
Bass, Black Sea902015Steve SinglerAtlantic Ocean
Bluefish2711997Roger KastorskyFive Fathom Bank
Bonito, Atlantic1381945Frank Lykes, Jr.Off Sandy Hook
Cobia9062019Len AndalisMcCries Shoal
Cod8101967Joseph ChelsaOff Brielle
Crab, Blue8.75″ pt. to pt.2008Raymond PonikBayonne
Croaker, Atlantic581981Frederick BrownDelaware Bay
Cunner38.82019John ZemaAtlantic Ocean
Dogfish, Smooth2202020Ed DiMarcantonioStrathmere (Beach)
Dogfish, Spiny15121990Jeff PennickOff Cape May
Dolphin6331974Scott Smith, Jr.Baltimore Canyon
Drum, Black10902008Nick HenryDelaware Bay
Drum, Red5501985Daniel YaninoGreat Bay
Eel, American9131988Warren CampbellAtlantic City
Fluke19121953Walter LubinOff Cape May
Flounder, Winter5111993Jimmy SwansonOff Barnegat Light
Hake, Red (Ling)12132010Billy WatsonOff Manasqua
Hake, White4171989Wayne EbleOff Barnegat
Kingfish, Northern282004Chester UrbanskiBarnegat Bay
Mackerel, Atlantic411983Abe ElkinManasquan Ridge
Mackerel, King5401998Fernando AlfaiateOff Cape May
*Mackerel, Spanish9121990Donald KohlerOff Cape May
Marlin, Blue1,04601986Phil InfantolinoHudson Canyon
Marlin, White13781980Mike MarchellHudson Canyon
Perch, White2121998Michael KingLittle Beach Creek
*Pollock467 1975John HoltonOff Brielle
Porgy5141976Victor RoneDelaware Bay
Sailfish4342006Dr. John TalliaLinden Kohl Canyon
Seatrout, Spotted1121974Bert HarperHolgate Surf
Shad, American701967Rodger WestGreat Bay
Shad, Hickory2132011Robert MacejkaMantoloking
Shark, Blue36601996William Young, Jr.Mud Hole
Shark, BullVacant (Minimum Weight 150 Lbs.)
Shark, Dusky53001987Brian DunlevyOff Great Egg Inlet
Shark, Hammerhead36501985Walter ThackaraMud Hole
Shark, PorbeagleVacant (Minimum Weight 100 Lbs.)
Shark, S-Fin Mako85601994Christopher PalmerWilmington Canyon
Shark, Thresher68302009Bennett FogelbergFingers
Shark, Tiger88001988Billy DeJohnOff Cape May
Sheepshead1932014William CatinoLongport
Spadefish1161998Cliff LowDelaware Bay
Spearfish, Longbill4201989

George Algard

Joseph Natoli
Poor Man’s Canyon

Hudson Canyon
Spot0132003Robert Belsky, Jr.Little Sheepshead Creek
Swordfish53001964Edmund LevittWilmington Canyon
Tautog25132020Chris SullivanAtlantic Ocean, 20 miles off Cape May
Tilefish, Golden6382009Dennis MuhlenforthLindenkohl Canyon
Tilefish, Blueline (Gray)2382021George HanakisWilmington Canyon
Triggerfish, Gray6112016James MassiminoSea Girt Reef
Tuna, Albacore782.42022Matthew FlorioHudson Canyon
Tuna, Big-eye364141984George KrenickHudson Canyon
Tuna, Bluefin1,03061981Royal ParsonsOff Pt. Pleasant
Tuna, Skipjack1341999Craig EberbachWilmington Canyon
Tuna, Yellowfin29001980Wayne BrinkerhoffHudson Canyon
*Tunny, Little24151977Mark NiemczykOff Sea Bright
Wahoo123121992Robert Carr28-Mile Wreck
Weakfish1881986Karl JonesDelaware Bay
Whiting (Silver Hake)Vacant (Minimum Weight 2.5 Lbs.)
*Fish was certified by the IGFA as a world record.

*** Retired Categories ***

SpeciesLbs.Oz.YearAnglerWhere Caught
Barracuda2781991Gary SzilagyiOff Cape May
Blowfish, N. Puffer1141987Virginia PattenDelaware Bay
Blowfish (other)9101992Kevin StewardDelaware Bay
Cutlass Fish6112002Mike GreenMud Hole
Lobster, American1532003William SharpAlmirante Wreck
Mackerel, Chub192002Kathleen LesoOff Spring Lake
Shark, Sandbar16881987John NortonLittle Egg Inlet
Shark, Sand Tiger24601989Richard BrownDelaware Bay
Shark, White75901988Jim KneippOff Pt. Pleasant
Stargazer, Northern1302000Jim LudtOff Cape May
*Striped Bass7881982Al McReynoldsAtlantic City
Striped Bass, Hybrid1322004James R. FowlerOff Brigantine
Sturgeon, Atlantic8201994Glen LascoSandy Hook
Tarpon5301982Jim KlaczkiewiczOff Sea Bright
*Fish was certified by the IGFA as a world record.

*** Retired Historical Records ***

SpeciesLbs.Oz.YearAnglerWhere Caught
Crab, Blue9″ pt. to pt.1980Frank SpringfieldDelaware Bay

Record Fish Program

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