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Skillful Angler Program Leaderboards

Skillful Angler Program Leaderboards

The tables below list the current leaders in the main categories of the categories for both freshwater and saltwater fish. The list will be updated regularly as heavier/larger fish are certified in the program. (The Division and Slam categories will not be included on this page.)

For minimum qualifying weights and lengths for all species, application information and lists of past winners are found on the Skillful Angler Program page. Fish and Wildlife encourages all anglers to keep the program in mind when fishing, but more importantly, encourages everyone to get outdoors and enjoy some of the great fishing our state has to offer.

Below are the leading 2022 entries as of June 20, 2022:

Freshwater Fish

SpeciesAdultJuniorCatch & Release
BowfinNo EntryNo EntryKevin Kennedy26″
BullheadGeorge Horvath2lbs. 5oz.No EntryCliff Kearns16.5″
CarpNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
Chain PickerelNo EntryNo EntryBill Bertsch27.25″
Channel CatfishNo EntryNo EntryGary Winter29.25″
CrappieNo EntryNo EntryCarl Kozub / Christopher Pereira / David Ricigliano16″
Largemouth BassAndrew Mattern6lbs. 2oz.No EntryHoward Collins24″
MuskellungeNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
Northern PikeNo EntryNo EntryChristopher Pereira38.25″
Salmon, Atlantic LandlockedNo EntryNo EntryHarry Kuebler22.875″
Shad, AmericanNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
Smallmouth BassNo EntryNo EntryJohn Vojt21.75″
Striped BassNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
Striped Bass HybridNo EntryNo EntryChristopher Pereira25.75″
SunfishNo EntryNo EntryJoseph Santiago10.25″
Trout, BrookNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
Trout, BrownNo EntryNo EntryJustin Lerner29″
Trout, LakeNo EntryNo EntryJoseph Santiago31″
Trout, RainbowDavid Deinhardt6lbs. 9oz.No EntryJohn Vojt23.25″
WalleyeNo EntryNo EntryLuke LeDrappier28″
Yellow PerchNo EntryNo EntryRichard Laky14″
Tiger MuskieNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
White PerchNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry

Saltwater Fish

SpeciesAdultJuniorCatch & Release
Black DrumNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
Black Sea BassNo EntryNo EntryColin Whitchurch20″
BluefishNo EntryNo EntryHoward Collins38.5″
CodNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
DolphinNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
FlukeNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
KingfishNo EntryNo EntryGeorge Horvath13″
Mako SharkNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
Marlin, BlueNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
Marlin, WhiteNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
PollockNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
Striped BassNo EntryNo EntryChristopher Pereira54″
TautogNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
Tuna, AlbacoreNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
Tuna, Big EyeNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
Tuna, BluefinNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
Tuna, YellowfinNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
Tuna (other)No EntryNo EntryNo Entry
WeakfishNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry
Winter FlounderNo EntryNo EntryNo Entry

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