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New Jersey State Record Freshwater Sport Fish

New Jersey State Record Freshwater Sport Fish

Below are the current NJ Record Freshwater Fish. In May, 2007, the program was revised to include Retired Categories (Saltwater) of fish no longer included in the program, as well as Retired Historical Records. Currently there are 31 species of freshwater fish eligible for entry in the Record Fish Program.

Anglers are reminded that the objective of the Record Fish Program is to increase the awareness of fishing opportunities for species that are regularly sought after and routinely found in or off the coast of New Jersey.

For more information see the Record Fish Program page.

SpeciesLbs.Oz.YearAnglerWhere Caught
Bass, largemouth10141980Robert EiseleMenantico Sand Wash Pond
Bass, rock151982Eric AvogardoSaddle River
Bass, smallmouth721990Carol MarciniakRound Valley Reservoir
Bluegill301990Dom SantarelliFarm Pond in Pennington
Bowfin118.52017Pierce DopkinMantua Creek
Bullhead, brown481997Gary SchmidtLake of the Woods (Fort Dix)
Carp4701995Billy FriedmanSouth Branch of Raritan River
Carp (archery)4562014Adam FaatzGreenwood Lake
Carp, grass5582011James Dempsey, Jr.Curlis Lake
Carp, grass (archery)76112020Daniel E. SandorffDelaware River
Catfish, channel3331978Howard HudsonLake Hopatcong
Catfish, white1442004Timothy JaskoDallenbach Pond
Crappie, black481996Andy TintlePompton Lake
Crappie, white3112009William LewisMercer Lake
Eel, American6132005David J. PayneRound Valley Reservoir
Muskellunge42131997Bob NealsMonksville Reservoir
Muskie, tiger2901990Larry MigliareseDelaware River
Perch, white311989Edward TangoForest Hill Park Lake
Perch, yellow261989Gene EngelsHoliday Lake
Pickerel, chain931957Frank McGovernLower Aetna Lake
Pickerel, redfin1131982Gerald HumphreyLake Assunpink
Pike, Northern308.52009John ViglionePompton Lake
Salmon (landlocked)8102021Joe SatkowskiMerrill Creek Reservoir
Shad, American1111984Charles MowerDelaware River
Striped Bass5102002John ChristianGreat Egg Harbor River
Striped Bass, hybrid17122023Jim PiascikMonksville Reservoir
Sunfish, pumpkinseed181987Daryl DonalsonFarm Pond in Burlington County
Trout, brook731995Andrew DuJackRockaway River
Trout, brown2161995Lenny SaccenteRound Valley Reservoir
Trout, brown sea runVacant (Minimum Weight 5 Lbs.)
Trout, lake3282002Gregory YoungRound Valley Reservoir
Trout, rainbow1301988Gene RutkoskiLake Hopatcong
Walleye1391993George FundellDelaware River

* Denotes fish has been certified by the IGFA as a world record

*** Retired Historical Record ***

SpeciesLbs.Oz.YearAnglerWhere Caught
*Perch, yellow431865Charles AbbottCrosswicks Creek

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