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Wildlife Management Areas


Except as Noted Below, WMAs Are Open

Wildlife Management Areas


Explore the diverse array of resources at New Jersey’s Wildlife Management Areas with our latest app.

WMA Restrictions Are In Effect In the Following Areas:

Capoolong CreekTrail Closed to all activity including but not limited to hiking, walking, bike riding and horse back riding from White Bridge Road to Upper Kingtown Road. The area is closed because of hazardous trail conditions resulting from washouts and erosion.
Flatbrook-RoyThe Three Bridges area on Mountain Road within the Flatbrook-Roy Wildlife Management Area is closed to vehicular traffic indefinitely. The decision to close the road was made based on concerns from Department of Transportation engineers regarding the structural integrity of the bridges. Sportsmen can still access this area via foot and can park along Mountain Road before the bridge closures, and can also use alternate routes via Roy Bridge on Rt. 615 or Brook Road from Route 560. (View map)
Ken Lockwood GorgeMiddle Parking Area Closed
Malibu BeachSmall Triangle to North of Main Parking Lot

Wildlife Management Area Regulations

Wildlife Management Area Permits

WMA Habitat Management Projects

  • Information on prescribed burns on WMAs is found on the State Forestry Service website.
  • The Three Bridges area on Mountain Road within the Flatbrook-Roy Wildlife Management Area is closed to vehicular traffic indefinitely. The decision to close the road was made based on concerns from Department of Transportation engineers regarding the structural integrity of the bridges. The area is accessible via foot and parking is along Mountain Road before the bridge closures. The public can also use alternate routes via Roy Bridge on Rt. 615 or Brook Road from Rt. 560. (View map)

The table below lists all state Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) as of September 2022. At that time the system had more than 357,000 acres in 122 areas. Additions to existing properties are continually being added. Additionally, Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G) maintains four (4) areas for public fish and wildlife associated recreation activities under the terms of State of New Jersey hunting and fishing permits. See below.

Clicking on a WMA name opens the WMA Explorer application and zooms to the selected WMA. The application lets users explore the diverse array of resources at New Jersey WMAs which consist of hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands with shooting ranges, dog training areas, boat ramps, fishing access sites, roads, parking areas and more available to hunters, trappers, anglers and other fish, wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts. The WMA Explorer provides general information about the WMA such as the wildlife and plant species that may be found there, the habitat types present and hunting and trapping zone information for a particular WMA. It also allows users to share and print maps they make with the application.

Please note that state WMAs and facilities are “carry-in – carry out” and trash receptacles are not Please note that state WMAs and facilities are “carry in – carry out” and trash receptacles are not provided; please plan accordingly to not leave any trash or recyclable behind.

For any questions relating to Wildlife Management Areas, please e-mail

Name of TractCountyAcreage Acquired by Fish and WildlifeAcreage Acquired Through 1961-2009 Green Acres Bond ActAcreage Acquired Through Waterfowl Stamp ProgramTotal Acreage as of February, 2021
Abbotts MeadowSalem 1,533.6784.331,618.00
Alexauken CreekHunterdon 689.00 689.00
Alpha Grasslands PreserveWarren 128.00 128.00
Amwell LakeHunterdon21.6663.34 85.00
AndaloroGloucester 53.00 53.00
AssunpinkMonmouth6,393  6,393
Baldwin LakeMercer36.9410.06 47.00
Bear SwampSussex 2,879 2,879
Beaver BrookWarren 686.00 686.00
Beaver SwampCape May 2,931.00 2,931.00
Belvidere AccessWarren 7.00 7.00
Berkshire ValleyMorris1,147.001,002.00 2,149.00
Black RiverMorris 3,083.00 3,083.00
Buckhorn CreekWarren 683.00 683.00
BuckshutemCumberland 4,222 4,222
Budd LakeMorris  8080.00
Butterfly BogsOcean103.1962.81 166.00
Cape IslandCape May7.86316.1397.01421.00
Cape May Coastal WetlandsCape May876.4213,773.003192.58117,842.00
Capoolong CreekHunterdon 68.00 68.00
Cedar LakeAtlantic/Gloucester 360.00 360.00
Cedarville PondsCumberland 42.00 42.00
Clarks PondCumberland163.8896.12 260.00
ClintonHunterdon850.001,214.00 2,064.00
Cohansey RiverCumberland 1,474.00 1,474.00
Colliers MillsOcean9,688.183,279.82 12,968.00
ColumbiaWarren 1,098.00 1,098.00
Cox Hall CreekCape May 316.00 316.00
Culvers Brook AccessSussex 8.00 8.00
Dennis CreekCape May1,325.856,810.00544.158,680.00
D.O.D. PondsSalem 336.00 336.00
Egg IslandCumberland6,247.752,585.23159.028,992.00
Elmer LakeSalem172.50213.50 386.00
Featherbed LaneSalem 191.00 191.00
Flatbrook/RoySussex2,093.00  2,093.00
Forked River Mt.Ocean 2,990.00 2,990.00
FortescueCumberland 1,813.6137.401,951
GlassboroGloucester2,341.9551.05 2,393.00
Great Bay BoulevardOcean3,789.631,743.04449.335,982.00
Great Egg Harbor RiverAtlantic 7,552 7,552
Greenwood ForestBurlington/Ocean9,863.3722,489.63 32,353
Gum Tree CornerSalem/Cumberland 1,217.9613.041,231.00
HackettstownWarren231.243.76 235.00
HainesvilleSussex281.50467.50 749.00
Hamburg MountainSussex2,357.601,334.40 3,692
Hammonton CreekAtlantic 5,720 5,720
Harmony AccessWarren 27.00 27.00
Harrisonville LakeSalem/Gloucester 298.00 298.00
Heislerville – VideoCumberland2,680.073,459.001,560.007,700.00
Higbee Beach*Cape May196.00964.00 1,160.00
Holland Church AccessWarren 21.00 21.00
Honey RunWarren 134.00 134.00
Hummers Beach AccessWarren 3.00 3.00
Imlaystown LakeMonmouth 30.00 30.00
Ken Lockwood GorgeHunterdon109.00454.00 563.00
Knowlton AccessWarren 14.00 14.00
Little Flatbrook AccessSussex 7.00 7.00
Lizard Tail Swamp Preserve*****Cape May 379.00 379.00
LockatongHunterdon 765.00 765.00
Logan PondGloucester11.95102.05 114.00
Mad Horse CreekSalem4,409.654,531.75573.69,515.00
Makepeace LakeAtlantic 11,737.00 11,737.00
Malibu BeachAtlantic 257.00 257.00
ManahawkinOcean964.96826.04 1,791.00
Manasquan RiverOcean/Monmouth 744.00 744.00
ManchesterOcean2,300.001,502.00 3,802.00
Mantua CreekGloucester 107.00 107.00
Maple LakeAtlantic 4,789.00 4,789.00
Maskells Mill PondSalem56.901,099.10 1,156.00
MedfordBurlington214.00  214.00
Menantico PondsCumberland295.901,525.10 1,821.00
Millville (Bevan)Cumberland11,724.634,584.74102.6316,412
Musconetcong RiverHunterdon/Morris/Warren 1,648 1,648
Navesink RiverMonmouth 67.00 67.00
New SwedenCumberland817.96725.731,327.312,871
Oyster Creek AccessOcean 14.00 14.00
Paulinskill River

Hyper Humus Easement
Sussex 2,552.00 2,552.00
PeasleeCumberland/Cape May9,642.7819,737.22 29,380.00
Pemberton LakeBurlington82.00  82.00
Penbryn PondCamden 355.00 355.00
Pennsauken AccessCamden 1.00 1.00
PequestWarren203.665,388.34 5,592
Pleasant RunBurlington/Mercer/Monmouth 528.00 528.00
Pohatcong CreekWarren 130.00 130.00
Point Pleasant Fishing AccessOcean7.00  7.00
Pork IslandAtlantic 616.84251.16868.00
Port RepublicAtlantic 1,471.00 1,471.00
Prospertown LakeOcean/Monmouth122.17962.83 1,085.00
Raccoon CreekGloucester 242.00 242.00
Rainbow LakeSalem 91.00 91.00
Ratzman AccessWarren7.00  7.00
Rockaway RiverMorris 3,844.00 3,844.00
Rockport – Pheasant FarmWarren369.811,052.19 1,422.00
Rowands PondCamden13.00  13.00
Salem RiverSalem 3,343.00 3,343.00
Sawmill CreekBergen/Hudson727.00  727.00
Sedge Islands ******Ocean 193.00 193.00
Shark River Access (pdf, 203kb)Monmouth 1.00 1.00
South BranchMorris 1,947.00 1,947.00
Sparta MountainSussex/Morris 3,461.00 3,461.00
Spicers Creek AccessCape May4.7013.30 18.00
Stafford ForgeOcean 12,597.00 12,597.00
Swan BayBurlington 3,365.20581.83,947.00
Thundergut PondSalem 2,515.00 2,515.00
Trout BrookSussex 2,088.00 2,088.00
Tuckahoe (MacNamara) – Impoundment Restoration VideoCape May/Atlantic12,377.004,990.001,417.0018,785.00
Turkey SwampMonmouth/Ocean1,500.002,508.00 4,008.00
Union LakeCumberland/Salem 5,269.00 5,269.00
Upper Barnegat BayOcean 384.3042.70427.00
Van Nest RefugeMercer98.00  98.00
Wading RiverBurlington 159.00 159.00
WalpackSussex388.00  388.00
Weldon BrookSussex 1,563.00 1,563.00
White LakeWarren 984.00 984.00
White Oak BranchGloucester 2,910.00 2,910.00
WhitingOcean1,190.8921.11 1,212.00
WhittinghamSussex 1,951.00 1,951.00
Wildcat RidgeMorris 6,318.00 6,318.00
WinslowCamden/Gloucester1,726.156,679.85 8,406.00

Acreage Totals98,450.00248,689.0011,058.00358,197.00
* License from Department of Army for conservation and management of 196.00 acres
** Administered by Fish and Wildlife and New Jersey Meadowlands Commission through permit issued by Natural Resource Council
*** D.O.D. Ponds leased from Department of Army for management purposes (25 yrs. from 1998)
**** Alpha Grasslands Preserve – DEP has a 44% interest in this property
***** Fish and Wildlife co-owners of property with The Nature Conservancy
****** Sedge Islands Conservation Zone Management Agreement (pdf, 1.0mb)
******* Fish and Wildlife co-owners of property (867 acres) with the New Jersey Conservation Foundation and Sussex County

The PSE&G properties (The Bayside Tract, Commercial Township Wetland Restoraiton Site, Maurice River Township Wetland Restoration Site and Cohansey River Wetland Restoration Site) are open for public fish and wildlife associated recreation activities.

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