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Pet Owners

Pet Owners

If you are a pet owner living in bear country, follow these tips to keep your pet safe and to avoid attracting bears.

  • Clean up after your pets.
  • Do not feed pets outdoors. If you choose to feed them outside, immediately pick up any leftover pet food and remove bowls after they have finished.
  • Store pet food in bear-resistant containers inside of a secure area, like your basement, garage or a secure shed.
  • If your pet stays outdoors, such as in a rabbit hutch or a dog pen, bring your pet inside at night.
  • Animal pens should be located at least 50 yards from forest tree lines or other sources of cover for bears.
  • Dogs that approach bears may be injured or killed. Walk dogs on a leash if you live in bear country. Keep dogs indoors or in a secure kennel at night.
  • If you live in areas with high black bear populations, use motion sensor lighting or turn on an outdoor light and check the yard before taking pets outside at night.

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