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Interest in achieving a certification in green stormwater infrastructure maintenance has grown considerably in recent years, as utilities are implementing more green stormwater infrastructure than they have in the past. As the installation of green infrastructure increases, the importance of developing a qualified workforce to maintain the infrastructure increases as well.

Credential programs that offer certifications and certificates develop capabilities for green infrastructure operations and maintenance (O&M) in the stormwater service arena. They increase the technical competency of participants as well as promote awareness of the potential for the use of green infrastructure for large scale stormwater management. Finally, credential programs contribute to workforce development by providing training and credentials for individuals looking to work in the field.

Successful credential programs build on robust technical training courses. The programs must be affordable, accessible, and offer a distinct benefit. Credential programs demonstrate to utilities and owners with confidence that contractors are qualified to do the work.

While certificates and certifications programs may offer similar course content, their training outcomes vary.


Certifications are awarded where participants attend training courses and pass an exam to demonstrate competence. For some certification programs, participants are required to periodically renew credentials to maintain their technical knowledge. Certification programs are more detailed than certificates, are consistent with national and international standards, and are similar to professional licensing programs, such as those for nurses or engineers. The most well-known and utilized certification program is the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP), headquartered in Washington, D.C.


The content of certificate programs is generally specific to a particular skillset, technical topic or course of instruction in the arena of stormwater management. Certificates are awarded when participants of a training program attend and complete training courses. Stormwater management certificate programs are offered both online and in person. Certificates are offered at the completion of many training programs depending on how the program is structured by the training organization and the requirements of the trainees.

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