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Many private companies contracted by local governments and private property owners to provide maintenance services for drainage systems are already well-versed in the specific stormwater management practices required for gray infrastructure. There are also many qualified landscaping firms that are knowledgeable about vegetative maintenance practices needed for effective green infrastructure maintenance. However, green infrastructure systems typically have both vegetative and structural drainage elements that may require enhanced training for contractors. Such training should be focused on a general understanding of hydrology, drainage, stormwater management, and the relevant regulatory requirements, including the best emerging practices for inspection, operations and maintenance.

General Guidance

An effective contractor-based training program integrates in-the-field experience with best management and maintenance practices taught in the classroom. The classroom-based instruction usually provides a general understanding of the stormwater best management/maintenance practices including design and the basic requirements to ensure continued effective function. An effective training program will tailor content to local conditions, such as the hydrology and geography and vegetation of a locale, which largely affects optimal performance of green infrastructure.

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Training Opportunities

NJ is just beginning to utilize green infrastructure as a method for stormwater management practices. As such, NJ can leverage knowledge from national and out-of-state programs that provide training content that is applicable in NJ. Training programs that are oriented toward contractors that are seeking to improve green infrastructure maintenance are described below. Links to the program websites provide additional detail.

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Stormwater Management Maintenance Training Videos

The DEP online training videos are intended to give an overview of stormwater best management practice (BMP) functions and the maintenance requirements for green and gray infrastructure within the Stormwater Management rules and the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permits in NJ.

View NJDEP Stormwater Management Maintenance Training Videos

Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia

The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia is directed toward improving the services of private contractors (landscape, horticultural) that seek to provide green infrastructure maintenance services. Their clients are typically private property owners, and other entities that may wish to contract for private green infrastructure maintenance. The course consists of three days of classroom training and one day of training in the field.

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Rutgers University New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Cooperative Extension Program

Rutgers Cooperative Extension Service has been working with NJ municipalities to support implementation and maintenance of green infrastructure, including providing training. Rutgers has developed guidance for green infrastructure implementation that typically includes information about maintenance activities, and the cooperative extension service also works directly with municipalities to teach the towns how to maintain the green infrastructure (which Rutgers has sometimes helped them to install.) Rutgers University has provided green infrastructure design, implementation, and maintenance services for a number of municipalities in NJ. Rutgers University staff work with communities to install rain gardens and green infrastructure and also offer training to municipalities regarding stormwater maintenance methods to assure continued successful operation of the green infrastructure.

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Chesapeake Stormwater Network Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Maintenance Video Series

This 3-part instructional video series covers Low Impact Development construction, installation and maintenance, topics relevant to general stormwater infrastructure, including green infrastructure.

Watch the Stormwater Best Management Practices Maintenance Video Series

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Texas Stormwater Low Impact Development and the Basics of Bioretention Webinar

This webinar discusses the basics of land development and stormwater management. It also discusses the concept of Low Impact Development and how it can be achieved through the implementation of green stormwater management techniques that mimics predevelopment runoff characteristics by emphasizing the value of addressing stormwater runoff at the source. Bioretention systems, a commonly used best management practice, are also discussed. This webinar reviews the basics of bioretention systems, how they work, why they work and how they can save on project costs.

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Washington Stormwater Center Low Impact Development Certificate Program

The Washington Stormwater Center Certificate Program focuses on O&M of green infrastructure; it also offers a design module. The training has been primarily used by communities within Washington state. The training programs have been conducted in-person in the past, and Washington began offering a large portion of its training online in 2018. In 2019, the program will offer its training completely online, with the in-person component indefinitely postponed.

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Zack Academy Introduction to Low Impact Development (LID) Online Course

This online course presents sustainable, eco-friendly approaches to stormwater management and development practices. Specifically, this course covers planning, installation and maintenance of green stormwater infrastructure, focusing on integrating existing natural systems.

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Zack Academy Managing a Successful Stormwater Planned Maintenance Program (SPMP) Program Online Course

This online course teaches how to implement and maintain a SPMP for multiple sites. Specifically, this course covers green and gray stormwater infrastructure program maintenance details such as site plans, program inventory, and stormwater system assessment.

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The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) does not in any way represent or endorse the programs listed, and is not advocating, soliciting or endorsing business for these programs. The training programs listed are intended to be a general guide for organizations interested in stormwater maintenance training and to highlight training options and opportunities so that organizations can make more informed decisions. Training opportunities presented here are representative and should not be considered an exhaustive list.

The Stormwater Maintenance Jobs Training Opportunities Tool (“the Tool”) was created to help direct you to relevant stormwater maintenance training options and training types, as listed on this website, based on your reported stormwater maintenance organization and operation and training needs. Please note that the Tool is limited in its ability to identify your exact stormwater maintenance training options and needs. It is recommended that you or a representative of your stormwater maintenance operation conduct further research as needed to determine whether a given training type is a good fit.