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Training programs that offer certificate and certification programs for contractors certify that individuals at contracting companies are familiar with the unique requirements of green infrastructure maintenance. Credential programs like certificate and certification programs can provide utilities and owners with confidence that the certified contractors are qualified to do the work. They simultaneously offer an opportunity for contractors and contracting companies to either enhance their existing skill set in stormwater management practices or develop a new skill set that will become increasingly important as green infrastructure installations expand throughout the state.

General Guidance

An effective contractor-based training program integrates in-field construction knowledge with best management practices taught in the classroom. A successful credential program builds on robust training courses that include training sessions on performing both maintenance condition assessment and inspections (i.e., frequency of inspection and what to look for) and practices for performing maintenance activities are beneficial. In addition, a good program will tailor content to local conditions, as the hydrology and geography of a locale largely determines optimal performance of green infrastructure.

Training Opportunities

There are training programs outside of NJ that are oriented toward contractors seeking green infrastructure training and wish to earn a certification. Programs discussed below are open to the public, and some programs will travel to the municipality that is seeking training. Visit the website of a listed program to learn more about its frequency of training, cost and key benefits.

National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP)

Contractor based training programs are offered at the national level under the NGICP. The 35-hour program is structured such that it can be tailored to meet the training needs at the local level. The NGICP includes information on concepts related to green infrastructure facility lifecycle, interpreting and understanding design drawings, and how to document inspections. In the past, sessions have included in-the-field sessions and have been tailored to local geography.

Visit the NGICP website

North Carolina State University Stormwater Best Management Practice Inspection and Maintenance Certification Program

The North Carolina State University Certification program has a strong focus on green infrastructure condition assessment and inspection and instruction on the maintenance of green infrastructure facilities. This two-day program has been particularly successful with small municipalities in North Carolina but is structured to adapt to green infrastructure practices in other states. The program is portable at the state level, and has been utilized in Louisiana, Tennessee, and Maryland. The credential is valid for three years and requires a one-day recertification course.

Visit the North Carolina State University Certification website


The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) does not in any way represent or endorse the programs listed, and is not advocating, soliciting or endorsing business for these programs. The training programs listed are intended to be a general guide for organizations interested in stormwater maintenance training and to highlight training options and opportunities so that organizations can make more informed decisions. Training opportunities presented here are representative and should not be considered an exhaustive list.

The Stormwater Maintenance Jobs Training Opportunities Tool (“the Tool”) was created to help direct you to relevant stormwater maintenance training options and training types, as listed on this website, based on your reported stormwater maintenance organization and operation and training needs. Please note that the Tool is limited in its ability to identify your exact stormwater maintenance training options and needs. It is recommended that you or a representative of your stormwater maintenance operation conduct further research as needed to determine whether a given training type is a good fit.