Rebuild by Design Hudson River


The Rebuild By Design – Hudson River process has produced numerous documents reports, etc. associated with construction, environmental impact, disaster recovery, and more. See below for more. Click here to learn about upcoming public meetings & construction.

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Note: the PDF files are formatted to be printed on 11.5×17 landscape size paper

NJDEP’s construction contractor, Underground Utilities Corporation (UUC), and their sub-contractors, are beginning the construction phase of this project. Therefore, you may see their field staff in the area conducting subsurface investigations, utility mark-outs and test pits related to the Rebuild by Design, Hudson River Project.

Design Zone Workshops

If you have difficulty understanding English, you may request language translation services for Sandy Recovery documents that are available to the public These language translation services are available free of charge. If you need more information about translation services, please call 1-855-SANDYHM (1-855-726-3946). When the agent answers the line, inform them of the appropriate language. The agent will either be able to immediately connect you with a translator or arrange for a translator to return your call at your convenience. Additional information on translations  .

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) as part of the Hudson River Rebuild By Design (RBD) project has sent Cooperating Agency letters to several State and Federal agencies.  These Cooperating Agency letters are sent to formalize the agreement between the NJDEP and the individual State or Federal agencies with regards to this project.

These letters were sent to comply with regulations implemented by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) which mandate that the NJDEP prepare a NEPA analyses and documentation “in cooperation with Federal and State governments” and other agencies with jurisdiction by law or special expertise (42 USC §§ 4331(a) and 42 USC §§ 4332(2)).

All of the following letters were sent to agencies that the NJDEP has been and will continue to work with on the Hudson River RBD throughout the life of the project.

Dennis Reinknecht, Director
Division of Resilience Engineering and Construction

44 S Clinton Ave
Trenton, NJ 08609
PH: (609) 984-0556