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“All of our residents regardless of race, color, ethnicity, religion deserve to live in communities free from the effects of pollution and are entitled to participate in decision-making that affects their environment, their communities, their homes and their health. Good environmental policy is something that must lift all communities. The Executive Order I am signing (E.O. 23) will ensure state agencies are considering the cumulative impacts of their actions in overburdened communities on an ongoing basis.”

Governor Phil Murphy
EJ at DEP Card

Learn about the ways DEP incorporates EJ in all of our activities.

Law, Policy, and Regulation
Law, Rules and Policy

Learn about the law, policies, and regulations that make EJ an official directive for state government.

EJ Enforcement
EJ Enforcement

Learn how a collaboration between DEP and the Office of the Attorney General enforces EJ. Learn about enforcement actions at DEP including inspections, violations, and incident reports.

EJ State Card
EJ at State Departments and Agencies

Learn about ways other NJ executive branch departments and agencies incorporate EJ in their activities.

Environmental Justice Advisory Council

Learn about the group that advises DEP on EJ.