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Enforcement Reports

Learn about enforcement cases happening in your communities through reports on DEP’s compliance and enforcement functions including inspections, violations, and incidents reported to WARN-DEP.

Connect With OEJ

Sign up for the DEP OEJ mailing list to stay informed of EJ opportunities, resources, and updates.


Do you know of places in your EJ community where there are incidents of environmental injustice?
Call us at these numbers:

Environmental Emergency?
Warn DEP Phone Number

Environmental Non-Emergency?
Warn DEP App

Grants and Loans

Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs)

As environmental violations are settled, violators can choose to fund local projects from the SEP map.

NJ Infrastructure Bank

Apply for these low cost loans to upgrade infrastructure in your community.

Public Engagement Opportunities

Public Meetings

Rulemaking at DEP

Proposed rules, public hearings, and public comment opportunities.

  • Connect
  • Join and become active in an environmental justice organization.
  • Join the DEP and OEJ mailing lists to stay up-to-date.
  • Join your local environmental commission or shade tree commission and attend meetings.
  • Follow DEP on social media to stay connected
  • Download the WARNDEP App and save the hotline number in your phone (1-877-WARN-DEP)
  • Speak Up!
  • Attend a DEP public meeting or submit comments.
  • Attend city and town council meetings.
  • Contact your community, state and federal representatives to share your comments about environmental issues. For more information, visit the New Jersey Legislature website or visit your local and county government website.
  • Teach youth and others about environmental protection and environmental justice.
  • Participate in local organizing efforts.