NJDEP All About Earth Day Photo

Since the United States’ first official Earth Day on April 22, 1970, New Jersey quickly became a leader in recognizing environmental issues and addressing them with innovative solutions.

The state was the third in the country to consolidate its natural resource and environmental quality programs into a single state agency, charged with administering aggressive environmental and conservation efforts. Established by law on that initial Earth Day, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection began its role of managing the state’s natural resources and addressing challenges to air quality, water resources, land use and waste management, to name but a few.

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22 on local, national and global proportions. It is promoted and supported at the state level by the DEP, along with hundreds of communities, companies, schools, colleges, organizations, parks and volunteer groups that either host Earth Day events and programs or take part in them.

The DEP’s purpose for supporting and celebrating Earth Day each year in New Jersey is to provide a springboard for new and renewed environmental learning and participation by all New Jerseyans, that increases their year-round involvement with environmental protection. Earth Day also offers opportunities for the DEP, environmental groups and supporters to showcase their priorities, programs and accomplishments.

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