Certified Laboratories

The OQA currently certifies the analytical capabilities of approximately 800 laboratories. Most of these are small to medium sized laboratories; and are laboratory facilities servicing a specific facility (water purveyor, industry, municipal authority).

Certification of laboratories is an ongoing process. Certifications are added and deleted for laboratories for various reasons every day. Please verify the accreditation status of a laboratory by reviewing the laboratory’s certificate and Annual Certified Parameter List issued by the DEP listed on our Data Miner website or contact one of the OQA staff to verify the status of a laboratory.

Real-Time Lists of Certified Laboratories

The following reports can be found on the Certified Laboratories page of Data Miner:

    • 48 Hour Gross Alpha Certified Labs
    • Annual Certified Parameter List (ACPL)
    • Certified Drinking Water Labs
    • Certified Water Pollution Labs
    • EPA Method 1631E Certified Laboratories
    • Laboratories Certified by Analytical Method
    • Laboratories Certified by Parameter
    • Laboratory Name and ID Information
    • Low Level (LL) TO-15 Certified Laboratories
    • Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) Certified Laboratories
    • PWTA Laboratories Certified for Sampling
    • Radon in Air Laboratories-Certified
    • SDW Certified Lead Labs
    • Solid/Hazardous Waste Laboratories
    • TO-15 Certified Laboratories
    • TO-17 Certified Laboratories
    • Toxicity Testing Laboratories -Certified

Note: The lists are created from real-time data so it may take up to a minute for the information to display.