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The Division of Water Supply and Geoscience within the Department of Environmental Protection, regularly monitors various water supply conditions within the state based on the different Water Supply Regions.

It should be noted that there are different types of droughts which affect sectors differently (e.g. meteorological, agricultural), this page focuses on water supply drought.

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Water Supply Status and Actions

Routine monitoring of water supply and meteorological indicators. All conditions normal.

Focus placed on voluntary reductions in demand through increased public awareness.

DEP Commissioner issues order urging public to voluntarily use water sparingly; DEP may issue orders to purveyors to manage supplies in most affected regions.

Governor orders mandatory restrictions on certain uses of water, usually phased in as conditions deteriorate.

The water supply conditions aid the Department in declaring the regions as being within one of the four stages of water supply drought, Normal, Drought WatchDrought Warning, and Drought Emergency.