Educational Resources

Tip Cards and Posters

Your everyday activities can affect water quality. Download and distribute tip cards, so people don’t forget the small things that can be done to protect water quality. Feel free to download them and pass them out in your neighborhood.

If your school or office allows you to hang posters, the Municipal Stormwater Regulation Program has designed several kinds to raise awareness about stormwater pollution. These posters are free to download and use for stormwater education.

The Clean Water NJ tip cards may be used instead of the formerly provided “Solutions to Stormwater Pollution” to satisfy the Local Public Education/Annual Mailing requirement. Permittees may choose to send out all four tip cards at once or mail one tip card topic per year. However, it is not mandatory to utilize these documents and “Solutions to Stormwater Pollution” may continue to be distributed.

Brochures and Handouts for Annual Distribution