Previous Public Hearings

2023Air Toxics: How Far Has New Jersey Come in Almost a Quarter Century?
2022Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Air Quality
2021Dust in the Wind: Just a Nuisance or Something More?
2020Past, Present, and Future: Air Quality Around Our Ports and Airports
2019Global Warming Pollutants in New Jersey: Beyond Carbon Dioxide
2018Zero Emission Vehicles: Clearing the Air
2017What Can Be Learned from Low Cost Air Quality Monitors: Best Uses and the Current State of Technology
2016The Clean Power Plan: Impact on New Jersey
2015Air Pollution Knows No Bounds: Reducing Smog Regionally
2014Reducing Air Emissions Through Alternative Transportation Strategies
2013Addressing the Adverse Effects of Climate Change on Air Quality
2012Transportation & Small Sources of Air Pollution
2011Cumulative Impacts of Air Pollutants on Public Health
2010Vision For The Next Decade: Air Quality and Air Pollution Control in New Jersey
2009Electricity Generation Alternatives for New Jersey’s Future: What is the Right Mix for Improving Air Quality and Reducing Climate Change?
2008Improving Air Quality at our Ports & Airports
2007Improving Air Quality through Energy Efficiency and Conservation - The Power of Government Policy and an Educated Public
2006Indoor Air Quality - Setting an Agenda for a Cleaner Future
2005Air Pollution - Effects on Public Health, Health Care Costs, and Health Insurance Costs
2004Fine Particulate Matter in the Atmosphere: Health Impacts in NJ & Need for Control Measures
2003Moving Transportation in the Right Direction
2002Innovative Solutions for Clean Air
2001Air Quality Needs Beyond 2000
2000Air Toxics in New Jersey
1999The Impact of Electric Utility Deregualtion on New Jersey’s Environment
1998Clean Air - Complying with the Clean Air Act: Status, Problems, Impacts, and Strategies
1997Particulate Matter: The Proposed Standard and How it May Affect NJ
1996Clearing the Air Communicating with the Public
1995Strategies for Meeting Clean Air Goals
1994Air Pollution in NJ: State Appropriations vs. Fees & Fines
1993Enhanced Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Procedures
1992Impact on the Public of the New Clean Air Act Requirements
1991Air Pollution Emergencies
1990Trucks, Buses, and Cars: Emissions and Inspections
1989Risk Assessment - The Future of Environmental Quality
1988The Waste Crisis, Disposal Without Air Pollution
1987Ozone: New Jersey’s Health Dilemma
1986Indoor Air Pollution: Strategies for Meeting Clean Air Goals
1985Fifteen Years of Air Pollution Control in NJ: Unanswered Questions
1984The Effects of Resource Recovery on Air Quality
1983The Effects of Acid Rain in NJ
1982What Should New Jersey do About Air Toxic Pollutants?
1981How Can NJ Stimulate Car and Van Pooling to Improve Air Quality
1980Ride Sharing, Car - and Van Pooling
1979What are the Roles of Municipal, County, and Regional Agencies in the New Jersey Air Pollution Program?
1978How Can NJ Meet its Energy Needs While Attaining and Maintaining Air Quality Standards
1977How Can NJ Grow While Attaining and Maintaining Clean Air Standards?
1976Should NJ Change it Air Pollution Regulations?
1975Public Hearing Report
1974Photochemical Oxidants
1973Clean Air and Transportation Alternatives to the Automobile and Will the Environment Impact Statement Serve to Improve Air Quality in NJ?
1972The Environmental Impact on Air Pollution: The Relationship between Air Quality, Public Health, and Economic Growth in NJ
1971How Citizens of NJ Can Fight Air Pollution Most Effectively with Recommendations for Action
1970Status of Air Pollution From Mobile Sources with Recommendations for Further Action
1969Status of Air Pollution Control in NJ, with Recommendations for Further Actions