Enhanced Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) Program for the State of NJ

Revised Performance Standard Modeling
SIP Revision

This document is a final revision to the State of New Jersey’s enhanced inspection and maintenance (I/M) program State Implementation Plan (SIP). Specifically, this document provides the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) with a proposed revision to New Jersey’s enhanced I/M performance standard modeling. The primary reason for this revised performance standard is to satisfy the USEPA’s requirements for securing their approval for the State to extend the new vehicle emission inspection exemption from the current one inspection cycle (i.e., 2 years) to two inspection cycles (i.e., 4 years). Governor James E. McGreevey enacted this new car emission inspection exemption on July 1, 2002, however, implementation of this exemption is contingent on USEPA approval. In addition, this proposed revised performance standard modeling takes into account several proposed changes to the I/M program that, if adopted, will impact the overall effectiveness of the program.